ADL: ‘No offe游东场做什么儿童小型项目赚钱?rs for Higuain’

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The Argentinian has been one of Europe’s most prolific st线上足球投注rikers 六合投注网站this season, with 30 goals in his 31 Serie A games so far this season.

“Players want to play in the most important competitions, so let’s see where we end up. I don’t think Chelsea, for example, are happy to be outside of Europe.

“You’re wasting your time with this, much as we all enjoy reading this serialised novel.”

“I could have done what Roma did on the transfer market, with the same money we spent on [Alberto] Grassi alone, but I didn’t feel the need to shake-up the dressing room.

De Laurentiis was then asked if there would be any new faces in time for pre-season training.

President Aurelio De Laurentiis says Napoli have received “no offers” for Gonzalo Higuain – “he’ll stay with us”.

“If I was always buying five or six players, I’d find myself with 30 extra players in a few years.”

Finally, the patron was asked whether Coach Maurizio Sarri would be present in Dimaro.

“Of course, did you have any doubts?” De Laurentiis replied.

“I haven’t had any offers,” De Laurentiis told reporters in a Press conference to announce the club’s summer training retreat in Dimaro.

“The真人外围投注 transfer market always comes down to who is selling and who is buying. It’s easy to say we haven’t made signings, but the names we had in January didn’t want to move.

“For you the transfer market is about always making four or five buys, but there are those who buy to sell, and those who keep hold of their players.

“So until it proves otherwise he’ll stay with us. There’s a buyout clause, so there are no negotiations to be had.

“Now it’s time to return to the Champions League.”