Brocchi: ‘Different Milan approach玉林有什么赚钱项目可以做’

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Cristian Brocchi promises his approach as Milan Coach will be “not better, but different” to Sinisa Mihajlovic.

With rumours that the players were unhappy that Mihajlovic was dimissed, Brocchi was asked how he and his staff were received.

&ldqu在线外围投注o;Not better, but different, because I’ve studied a certain path and I want to enable the lads to apply it on the pitch.”

“I really want to bring in my methodology and way of Coaching, that could be different to that of other Coaches.

“It was still a good impact, perhaps because 线上足球投注I’m known at Milanello, so it’s less of a sense of finding a new and different person.

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“On the pitch I’m starting to do something of my own, and trying to get them to understand how I want to C21点官网oach them.”

“It’s normal that there was a certain atmosphere, the players were used to seeing the same people for several months.

The former midfielder was promoted from the Primavera after the Serbian was sacked yesterday, and was officially presented today.

“I want to continue the culture of work that this group definitely has,” Brocchi told assembled media.

“I’ve had numerous chances to see them at work, and I always saw players who wanted to graft and Sinisa and his staff should be acknowledged for that.