Brocchi: ‘Excited to wor赚钱项目q琴338080高手交流k with Balotelli’

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“I’m fascinated and stimulated by the opportunity I have,” Brocchi said when asked about Balotelli in his presentation Press conference.

“I don’t want to put the relationship they had with him out of the players’ heads, but of course since yesterday I have to form a strong bond of my own with every member of the squad to achieve something beautiful and important.”

“He’s a player I like a lot, and if we can get him to play like he did in the last game [against Juventus], even if I think he can do even more, then he’ll definitely be important for the team.

“Maybe my pas皇冠外围投注t experience as a player can help me with that. I had a rea六合投注网站lly good relationship with Sinisa, I spoke to him 21点官网yesterday. He was a gentleman, as he always is.

Brocchi was then asked how he intends to replace Sinisa Mihajlovic.

“The hope is for the team to work to get the best out of individuals, that includes Balotelli.

“I saw in Mario’s eyes – and those of the other lads – that he wants to finish the season at a certain level.”

Milan Coach Cristian Brocchi is “stimulated” by the challenge of getting the best out of Mario Balotelli.

The striker is on loan with the Rossoneri, but has missed most of the season with injury, and the club are not certain to buy him permanently from Liverpool.